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The Leverkusen location was set up for industrial customers in 2010 following the integration at the newly established Krefeld head-office of the remaining North Rhine-Westphalian branches. Remarkable about this location is its specialization on industrial companies such as manufacturers of profiles, solar equipment, appliances and various types of apparatus. Leverkusen currently operates six items of plant: four slitters, one shear for tailoring blanks, and a rewinder. This concentration on industrial customers allows both an extended product range and supplementary customer services.

Thanks to the narrow strip centre offered on site, we are able to meet the demand for even longer slit strip of up to 25 km. New is a welding machine for stainless steel with which narrow strips up to 2 mm thicknesses can be welded together.

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Leverkusen branch
Stixchesstraße 136-150
51377 Leverkusen
Phone: +49 214 736-0

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