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Hot-dip coated sheet

Depending on the application, different surface finishes are used for the hot-dip coating of sheet. The main priority for Z/GI, ZF, ZA, ZM, AZ coatings is the outstanding oxidation resistance based on zinc as well as the high-quality appearance combined with the strength of steel. The addition of aluminum to the coating (ZA, AZ, AS) increases its resistance to both corrosion and heat. A subsequent heat treatment causes a partial transformation of the zinc coating into a zinc-iron alloy layer, making it particularly suitable for welding and enamelling.

ZM coatings belong to a new generation of economic coatings, which offer improved corrosion resistance.

Hot-dip coated sheet is used in the manufacture of a wide range of components including the automotive, machinery and plant construction, as well as the construction and household appliance industries.