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Hot strip

16MnCr5 | 1.7131

The steel grade 16MnCr5 is a case hardening steel with a carbon content between 0.14 and 0.19 %. It is intended for case hardening. In this process, carbon is introduced into the surface layer up to approx. 0.8% carbon content via a diffusion process (case hardening, carburisation, carbonitriding). After hardening, there is a hard, wear-resistant surface layer and a comparatively tough core that is able to absorb impact stresses without breaking. Hot-rolled case-hardening steels are listed in DIN EN ISO 683-3 (formerly DIN EN 10 084). In practice, the case-hardening steels C10 and C15 have become established alongside 16MnCr5. These steel grades are slit by thyssenkrupp Materials Processing Europe from hot-rolled wide strip to the desired width and supplied pickled or unpickled.

Case-hardened steel

Properties according to DIN EN 10 132-2

Steel type

Short designationMaterial numberDelivery condition
16MnCr51.7131A or LC

Mechanical properties, longitudinal

Yield strenght Re MPa max.Tensile strengh Rm MPaElongation at fracture A80 % min.Hardness HV max.

Chemical composition (heat analysis)

Percentage by weight % max.
CSi max.MnCrP max.S max.
0.14–0.190.401.00–1.300.80 –1.100.0350.035