Ready to run

We help to get things moving. For the auto industry and its suppliers we provide slit strip and tailored blanks for making parts of the body or the transmission, steering and suspension systems, wheel rims, and of course for windscreen wipers and seat rails.

Light Breeze

The right atmosphere? Maybe because of the air conditioner. Or the fans that blow fresh air through your production shops. We supply the makers of such equipment with custom-tailored steels.

Shelf storage

Stored well

Logistics halls are not only indispensable in times of e-commerce. Our material is used to manufacture components for a wide range of storage systems - whether high-bay racking or heavy-duty shelving. You can carry heavy loads with us.

electric mobility

Fuelled with energy

Already on your way by electric car? With our material we are on eco-friendly course: whether in the crash-resistant battery housing made of ultra-high-strength steels or in the lightweight car body made of aluminum. We supply first-class material for modern electric vehicles.

Sanitary sector

Freshed up

For a good feeling in the bathroom: Enjoy our material in various applications in the sanitary sector. Whether in stylish shower systems or toilet holders and barely visible: steel is indispensable in the bathroom. Remember this when you take your next bath - in your deep-drawn steel bathtub.

Heat pump


Whether for heat pumps or ventilation technology - our versatile steel meets a wide range of requirements. For example, it is an essential component of modern heat pumps that use sustainable environmental heat to efficiently heat homes.

Washing machine

Spin, win

Round and around … Today’s households are meanwhile inconceivable without washers. We supply the essential components, and also for fridges and other white goods.


Step inside, please

In and out: it’s the hinges that make a door a door. And often they’re made from our steel, just as the door locks, the window frames and the fixtures for the blinds in front of the windows.

And how can we help you?

For whatever use you may need precision-processed products, best of all see for yourself how our tailor-made products can dovetail into your supply chain. Wherever we are, we’re at your service.

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