Slit strip

Processing - Slit strip

Choose your carbon steel and stainless steel slit strip from thicknesses of between 0.3 and 16 mm. We'll gladly supply the matching width: anything between 7 and 1,820 mm.

Our Narrow Strip Center saves you time and money thanks to our efficient combined and jumbo coiling. A range of between 0.3 and 4 mm thickness and 7 and 400 mm width offers you abundant options.

And thanks to our cutting and winding facilities you can have the strip supplied as a jumbo coil instead of many small coils, and in lengths of up to 25 km!

You require certain grades of external coating or higher-strength steels of up to 1,400 N/mm²? No problem! You'll have the shapes you want in the best of shape!

Also in the field of aluminium and non-ferrous metals you have the choice: we offer thicknesses from 0.1 to 5 mm and widths from 5 mm to 1,600 mm. We are happy to assist you!