Knife assembly software

Knife assembly software at a glance

Knife assembly software at a glance

knife cut steel to slit strip
  • Automatic calculation of your knife building plans taking into account the order sequence by integrating production planning from your ERP system

  • Reduced lead times on the store floor through the ability to work seamlessly digitally and paperless (via direct plan display via upright monitors from the system for the knife makers while working at the turnstile)

  • More even wear of your tools through optimization of tool usage via integrated tool management

  • Systematic reduction of scrap and optimization of tool utilization to increase the longevity of deployed knives

  • Cross-site application with intuitive user interface through web-based deployment without additional software installation

  • Simplified Recalculation and optimization of knife construction by the employees themselves in the system at the knife construction workstation - manual processes for this can be eliminated and it can be processed in real time

  • Traceability of the change history for planning optimization and for more data-based transparency / evaluation options for all involved

  • High system stability via the toii platform incl. backup options

  • Easy updates even during operation across all sites and machines through continuous and web-based updates

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It is also possible to realize customer-specific adaptations, so that the software completely fits your individual requirements and needs.

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Save time and costs with automated knife building plans and integrated tool management

Save time and costs with automated knife building plans and integrated tool management

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In cooperation with thyssenkrupp Materials IoT, a new type of software solution has been developed specifically for operators of slitting lines that automatically calculates knife assembly plans based on production planning from an ERP system.

The software takes into account the sequence of orders. The integrated tool management simultaneously manages and optimizes the use of your tools. For example, dependencies can be identified and taken into account in job planning.

 Your advantages:

  1. High time savings in knife manufacturing

  2. Reduction of scrap

  3. Shortening productionlead times

  4. avoiding errors through manual knife calculation

  5. securing of customer specifications

  6. Improvement of product quality

  7. Increase of the Longevity of used knives

  8. Easy integration

The software also offers digital configuration of multiple designs and variable rubber support gaps, as well as cutting air tables for machine groups depending on the thickness and grade of the material being processed. These electronic processes replace paper-based processes and also enable special customer requirements to be met. Your quality assurance can additionally benefit from integrated automations by means of logic checks, as the software automatically processes these checks in the background and subsequently issues recommendations for readjustments.

Easy integration for cross-site applications

Easy integration for cross-site applications

Knife-making software

This knife assembly software is a browser-based web application and thus runs cross-site on any computer with a modern Internet browser. This basically makes the software compatible with older operating systems as well. At the same time, the intuitive user interface enables quick familiarization and convenient operation.

The knife assembly software is continuously optimized and further developed. On the basis of the web-based application, updates can be made easily at any time, even during ongoing operation across all machines and locations. Users thus always work with the latest version and always benefit from regular improvements and innovations.

 A reliable solution for your knife assembly

  • Data security: The software runs in your infrastructure, i.e. on your servers whether "on premise" or in the cloud. Your data remains your data.

  • Security in use: The knife building program, like the entire toii® product group, is in use in service centers throughout Europe and thus production-proven. It has an availability of 99.5%. So that you can continue to be ready for production in the event of internal failures, e.g. of your IT infrastructure (network, ERP system, etc.), knife assembly plans calculated in advance can be automatically saved in the system as a backup.

  • Support: thyssenkrupp Materials IoT GmbH offers support via a modern ticket system and by telephone. Languages: German, English, Turkish and Polish. Support is available weekdays daily from 08.00-17.00

The knife assembly software has already been in use at our sites across Europe for some time. From an operational excellence point of view, with the software we have another building block to increase efficiency, process stability and quality at all our sites through digitalization.

Michael Panzer
Head of Operational Excellence at thyssenkrupp Materials Processing Europe