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Control Tower

Control Tower

Perhaps you are familiar with this situation: due to a lack of stock at your sub-suppliers, there are production stoppages or the stocks are too high?  Our supply chain solution Control Tower ensures improved planning and control of the flow of goods between you and all other partners in your supply chain. The intelligent integration of planning and call-off data from the production plants and suppliers connected to you makes this possible. Benefit from a complete service package with the following services:

  • Continuous adjustment of demand forecasts

  • Coordination of supply flows from different supplier plants

  • Consistent assurance of uniform quality standards

  • Warehousing and processing services

  • Pooling of small quantities

  • Logistics to sub-suppliers all the way to the customer

  • Just-in-time delivery

Make your supply chain both more resilient and more sustainable with Control Tower: on the one hand, you balance fluctuating demand and better meet quotas at supplier plants. On the other hand, the improved bundling of quantities in the outgoing goods department leads to lower CO2 emissions through reduced truck volumes.

Do you have further questions about Control Tower? We look forward to hearing from you!