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With distributed production sites and global supplier relationships, complex supply chains have emerged in almost all industries. Even the slightest disruption or deviation in the material flow can lead to costly downtime. With pacemaker®, our AI-based supply chain solution, you can optimise your supply chain by means of improved forecasts: the aim of the solution is to increase supply security, reduce unnecessary transports and inventories and thus increase your production output. pacemaker® also makes an important contribution to a more resource-efficient use of materials.

The savings in transport and coordination are 10 to 15 percent. Another plus point is that you can use the algorithm at any level of the supply chain as well as between several levels and does not require any adaptation of the IT systems on your side.

A study conducted by the Nova School of Science and Technology in Lisbon tested the performance and accuracy of pacemaker® forecasts and confirms that pacemaker® can outperform customer forecasts in many situations.

You can find more information about pacemaker® in our press release. Do you have any further questions? We look forward to hearing from you!

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