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Blanks out of carbon steel and stainless steel are supplied in all available grades and thicknesses of 0.4 to 16 mm as well as plates and trapezoidals plus rhomboids with widths of 35 to 2,100 mm width and lengths of 200 up to 12,000 mm and with shear angles of up to 35 degrees in perfect surface quality.

Our service includes stacking according to your requirements: a high-performance magnetic stacker allows finished blanks to be stacked in continuous or start-stop mode - in optimal quality exactly according to your needs.

Also in the field of aluminium and non-ferrous metals we offer you blanks and panels: Please choose your desired thickness from 0.3 to 6 mm in width between 300 to 2,100 mm, from our wide processing spectrum.

Carbon steel and Stainless steel

Choose from the following dimensions:

Thickness:0,4 - 16,0 mm
Width min.:35 mm1)
Width max.:2.100 mm
Length min.:200 mm
Length max.:12.000 mm
Shearing angle max.:± 35° (±1,5°)2)
Tensile strength max.:1.000 N/mm2
Entry weight max.:36 t
Exit weight:5 t

Aluminum and Non-ferrous metals3)

Choose from the following dimensions:

Thickness:0,3 - 6,0 mm
Width min.:300 mm
Width max.:2.100 mm
Length min.:300 mm
Length max.:10.500 mm

1) Width < 80 mm can be ordered from a length of 300 mm.

2) On request

3) Custom blanks - laser processing with certified partners.