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Best equipped.

The modern slitting and cutting-to-length equipment provide us with impressive processing capacities. You get slit strip and blanks precisely according to your needs.

Make the most of our processing lineup and continuously expanded equipment for thicknesses of between 0.3 and 16 mm for steel and 0.1 to 6 mm thicknesses for aluminium.

We're here for you. Throughout Europe.

Carbon steel and Stainless steel

Choose from the following dimensions:

BlanksSlit stripJumbo coiling
Thickness:0,4 - 16,0 mmThickness:0,3 - 16,0 mmThickness:0,3 - 3,0 mm
Width min.:35 mm1)Entry width:1.820 mmEntry width:600 mm3)
Width max.:2.100 mmSlit width min.:7 mmSlit width min.:7 mm
Length min.:200 mmSlit width max.:1.812 mmSlit width max.:60 mm
Length max.:12.000 mmExit coil ID:400/508/610 mmExit coil ID:400/500 mm4)
Shearing angle max.:± 35° (±1,5°)2)Exit coil OD:2.300 mmExit coil OD:1.520 mm
Tensile strength max.:1.000 N/mm2Tensile strength max.:1.400 N/mm2Entry weight:5 t
Entry weight max.:36 tExit weight:5 t
Exit weight:5 t

1) Width < 80 mm can be ordered from a length of 300 mm.

2) On request

3) Split coil

4) Optionally also with cardboard or steel sleeves

Aluminum and Non-ferrous metals1)

Choose from the following dimensions:

BlanksSlit strip
Thickness:0,3 - 6,0 mmThickness:0,1 - 5,0 mm
Width min.:300 mmSlit width min.:5,0 mm
Width max.:2.100 mmSlit width max.:1.600 mm
Length min.:300 mm
Length max.:10.500 mm

1) Custom blanks - laser processing with certified partners