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Cold-rolled sheet

Cold-rolled sheet

Cold-rolled strip is superior to hot strip in terms of surface condition and formability. It also features closer tolerances and is available in smaller thicknesses. Cold-rolled flat products are extremely versatile and come in a host of varieties for a wide range of applications: in the automotive industry, enamelling operations, the manufacture of tubes and tube sections, drums and barrels, or in the construction industry and the sanitary sector.

Choose from the following grades:

Overview grades

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GradeMaterial number
DC01 - DC071.0330 - 1.0898
DC01LC - DC05LC1.0330 - 1.0312
DC01EK - DC06ED1.0390 - 1.0872
High and higher strength steel1.0922 - 1.0573
Multiphase steel1.0937 - 1.0969
Case-hardened steel | C10E - 16MnCr51.1121 - 1.7131
Tempering steel | C22E - 27MnCRB51.1151 - 1.7182
Spring steel | C55S - 51CrV41.1204 - 1.8159

DIN standards

DIN EN 10130DIN EN 10139DIN EN 10209DIN EN 10268DIN EN 10338