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Electrolytically zinc-coated sheet

Elektrolytically zinc-coated sheet

A continuous electrolytic process provides for a high-grade surface finish of cold-rolled sheet. The zinc is applied as an anti-corrosion coating to either one or both surfaces of the steel. In combination with standard surface treatments, the coating acts as an efficient adhesive agent for a layer of paint or film. Applications include exposed automotive components and other parts subject to high requirements on the surface quality, household appliances and electrical industries, packaging and machine casings.

Overview grades

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GradeMaterial number
DC01+ZE - DC07+ZE1.0330 - 1.0898
High and higher strength steel1.0922 - 1.0574
Multiphase steel cold rolled1.0937 - 1.0955
Multiphase steel hot rolled1.0961 - 1.0960

DIN standards

DIN EN 10268DIN EN 10152DIN EN 10338