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Electrolytically zinc-coated sheet

Multiphase-steel hot rolled

Hot-rolled electrolytically zinc-coated multiphase steels are hot-rolled flat products without or with a coating of multiphase steel for cold forming. Choose your hot-rolled multiphase steel in the grades Ferrite-bainite-phase steel, Dual-phase steel, Dumplex-phase steel and Martensitic-phase steel.

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Overview steel types

Click on your desired steel type for more details:

Steel typeGrades
Ferrite-bainite-phase steelHDT450F+ZE - HDT580F+ZE
Dual-phase steelHDT580X+ZE
Complex-phase steelHDT760C+ZE - CP-W1000+ZE
Martensitic steelHDT1180G1+ZE