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cold-rolled sheet

DC05 | 1.0312

Grade DC05 exhibits excellent deep-drawing capability under all types of deformation. This deep drawing grade is suitable for higher forming requirements.

Mild low-carbon steel for cold forming

Properties according to DIN EN 10 130

Steel type

Short designationVDA239-100Material number

Mechanical properties (transverse)

Yield strength1) Re MPa max.Tensile strength Rm MPaElongation at fracture2) % min. A80Anisotropy r903)4) min.Strain hardening exponent n903) min.

Chemical composition (heat analysis)

Percentage by weight % max.

1) Where no yield strength is defined, the respective values shall apply to the 0.2 % proof stress (Rp0.2) or to the lower yield strength (ReL). For thicknesses ≤ 0.7 mm but > 0.5 mm, the maximum yield strength values may be 20 MPa higher. In case of thicknesses ≤ 0.5 mm, the maximum yield limits may be 40 MPa higher.

2) For thicknesses ≤ 0.7 mm but > 0.5 mm, the minimum elongation at fracture may be 2 units lower. For thicknesses ≤ 0.5 mm, the minimum elongation at fracture may be 4 units lower.

3) The r90 and n90 values apply to product thicknesses ≥ 0.5 mm only.

4) For thicknesses > 2 mm, the r90-value is reduced by 0.2.