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Hot-dip coated sheet

DX51D - DX57D

The hot-dip coated deep-drawing steels of the DX grade family according to DIN EN 10346 offer excellent forming properties and good aging resistance. The mechanical properties of the individual deep-drawing steel grades are characterized by the level of yield strength and tensile strength as well as by assured minimum values of elongation at break.

Depending on the intended use, different surface finishes are applied; Z/GI, ZF, ZA, ZM, AZ coatings primarily combine the zinc-based oxidation resistance and the high-quality appearance with the strength of steel. Additions of aluminum in the coating (ZA, AZ, AS) increase corrosion resistance and at the same time heat resistance.

Through an additional heat treatment, the zinc coating is partially transformed into a zinc-iron alloy (ZF) layer after galvanizing and is particularly suitable for welding and enameling. ZM coatings belong to a new generation of economical coatings and offer increased corrosion protection in comparison.

In the case of premium grades, the forming properties are additionally described by promised minimum values for vertical anisotropy (r-value) and strain hardening exponent (n-value), and narrower property windows are guaranteed.

The requirements for which deep-drawing steels can be used as either hot-rolled or cold-rolled flat products must be considered on a project-specific basis and depend on the desired plate thickness, surface finish, type of surface finishing and the desired dimensional tolerances.

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Steels of the DX grade family

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