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Cold-rolled sheet

Micro-alloyed steel | HC260LA - HC500LA

The micro-alloyed cold-rolled steels are produced with minimum yield strengths of 260 to 500 MPa. The high strength properties result from precipitation adhesion due to finely distributed carbonitrides and a fine-grained microstructure. Even very small amounts of the elements titanium and/or niobium in the range of a few 0.01 % result in a significant increase in yield strength and tensile strength. The additionally required solid solution strengthening is achieved via the alloying elements Mn, Si and by adding P.

Compared to deep-drawing steels, micro-alloyed steels are guaranteed higher minimum values for yield strength and tensile strength. These key data enable a safe and practical operational strength assessment. With higher yield strength and tensile strength, the vibration resistance level also increases.

Micro-alloyed steels are highly suitable for joining and can be welded both in pure and mixed joints with other common types of steel. The prerequisite is that the welding parameters are matched to the material.

Micro-alloyed steels are particularly suitable for structural and crash-relevant parts, such as beams. The component geometry and the forming method plan should be adapted to the strength level. In this way, the individual advantages can be optimally utilised and the steels can thus be used for complex drawn parts. This family of materials is particularly well suited for multi-stage forming processes.

Due to their good processing behaviour, microalloyed cold-forming steels can be used, among other things, in vehicle construction in the body-in-white, especially in the area of crash-relevant structural parts such as beams and pillars, as well as in industrial applications.

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